Volkswagen Financial Services- 24 May 2019

An Essential Guide for Women on Car Buying

Gone are the days when women had no knowledge about the vehicle industry. They are as tech savvy and informed as men when it comes to the changing trends in the automobile industry and car financing. However, they are made to believe that car buying is not their cup of tea. This is because they are often overlooked by car dealers. To make matters worse, a lot of them are deceived when it comes to paying the right price for the car.

The problem lies in the fact that many car dealers believe that women are uninformed when it comes to car buying decisions. As a result they take advantage of this fact and give women buyers a tough time during the negotiation.

Therefore, it’s essential for women to be well-versed with the nitty-gritties of car buying. Here are some car buying tips for women to help them in asserting themselves at a dealership like a boss.

1. Do your homework:

Before deciding on the car you want to own, read both online and offline articles pertaining to automobile industry. Take your driving style and affordability into consideration. Choose a car that matches all the requirements in your checklist. Go through the websites that give insight into important information like reliability, fuel efficiency and so on. Once you’ve selected your dream car, dive deep into further research by going through the reviews which other owners of that vehicle have to offer. Compare it with other alternate models and then finalise.

2. Be well-versed with your research when meeting the dealer:

When it comes to women buyers, salesperson spend hours talking about trivial features of the car rather than important aspects. It’s important to let the salesperson know that you mean serious business by enquiring about warranty, mileage and all things that concern you. Also, simultaneously make a note about things which you liked and didn’t like about the vehicle. Test-drive the car in order to know if it fits well with your driving habits.

3. Look for cost-saving schemes if any:

Check if there are any cost-saving schemes that dealers offer like rebates, cash-back programs and lower rate of interest and save big by putting them into use. Moreover if your credit score is steady, you are bound to get a lower rate of interest on a car loan, irrespective of the car financing sources.

4. Negotiate like a boss:

If you want to seal the deal in your favour, then a smart negotiation is the key. Don’t accept the price of the car on face value. A lot of times car dealers take advantage of women’s ignorance regarding car buying and increase the price. They may also manipulate you into spilling the amount of money you are willing to shell out of your pocket. No matter what, do not disclose your financial situation. During the negotiation, assert yourself smartly. Do not settle for more than what you’re willing to pay. Keep negotiating till you get a justifiable price on the car.

5. Beware of dealer scams:

Before speaking to any car dealer, be informed on their scams e.g. the Straw Purchase Scam and the Dealer Prep Scam. To ensure the accuracy, cross check if they quote the same options and fees for out-the-door cash prices. Don’t let yourself be deceived with undisclosed fees like dealer prep which is charged even though it is already compensated by the manufacturer.

6. Avoid buying the extras that you don’t need:

The car dealers may persuade you into buying additional schemes in order to earn more commission like extended warranty, road-service or rust protection. Don’t let yourself be pushed into making an additional transaction which is not required in the first place.

So ladies, if you remember these tips at the back of your mind, then the key to your dream car will be soon in your hands. At Volkswagen Financial Services, we bridge the gap between you and the car of your choice. From the old-school Classic Repayment option to the Upgrade option, we offer seven flexible repayment options customised to fit your needs. To get your favourite Volkswagen vehicle, we are just one click away!