Volkswagen Financial Services- 29 Apr 2019

Why Electric Cars Are The Next Big Thing In India

This year’s budget is a win-win situation for the Indian automobile industry both in terms of finance as well as innovation. The fact that air pollution has been responsible for causing about a million death every year, introducing electric vehicles in the Indian market is becoming the need of the hour. To initiate electric vehicle in the country, the government has lowered custom duty by 15% on the import of electric vehicle components so that the domestic assembling of electric vehicles becomes easier.

With auto industry getting a boost in producing electric vehicles, the government aims to make transport in India electrified by 2030. Now that the government too has given a heads up to Electric Vehicle Push, in the coming years electric cars are going to be the next big thing.

Sustainable development is a crucial topic all over the world. Electric cars promise to be one of the efficient sources of renewable energy. Since petrol and diesel prices are on the rise and people are becoming more concerned about climate change and air pollution, Indian consumers will slowly shift towards electric cars. Automobile experts predict that in the next two decades the demand for electric cars is going to increase.

Other than being environment friendly, electric vehicles offer safety features too. With accidents and crime rates in India on a rise, electric cars are integrating various elements that will ensure the overall security of both drivers and passengers. Electric cars have GPS and geo fencing installed to ease the task of locating them. Additionally, electric cars also offer an in-built map which guides through the available parking space and alarms the driver in case of any breakdown.

The rest of the world has already recognised the potential and the advantages of owning an electric car. Volkswagen plans to launch around 70 electrified models globally.

The Indian automobile industry is growing at a fast pace and there is a lot of scope in terms of electrical vehicles. It is high time we realise the potential of electric cars and their benefits in the long run.

Reference: Volkswagen plans to launch around 70 electrified models globally.