Volkswagen Financial Services- 12 Apr 2019

Three Reasons Why the Beginning of the Financial Year is the Best Time to Buy a Car

This financial year, car buyers are all smiles. The 2019 budget aims towards increasing the purchasing power of the middle class sector. The beginning of the fiscal year promises new hope and optimism to automobile customers.

Here are three reasons why the arrival of financial year is the best time to invest in a new car:

1. Discounts, offers & low prices:

With the onset of fiscal year, automobile companies want to start afresh with new car models. As a result, they fast track the sales of old car models by offering exciting incentives, compensations, and attractive discount offers and so on.

2. Good cars at attractive rates:

Increase in rebate from ₹ 2,500 to ₹ 12,500 has led to the rise in the disposable income of the people. With previous year’s cars being offered at attractive rates, it is the ideal time to claim the ownership of your dream car. Before it gets too late, grab this golden opportunity in the beginning of the financial year itself.

3. Cut-down in GST Rates:

Another added advantage is the quarterly payment of GST by businesses whose turnover is less than ₹ 5 crores. How is it going to benefit the car buyers? The automobile businesses who come under this category get a leverage to reduce the impact of GST rates on vehicles. This will not only give them time to innovate but also give a boost to their sales. As for customers, it’s a lucrative opportunity for them to finally invest in their dream car.

Apart from all the things mentioned, Volkswagen Finance Private Limited offers some of the best financing offers which will encourage all car buyers to start anew. From the Balloon Option which accelerates auto loan payment to upgrading, people have all the more reasons to look forward to buying their dream car as the financial year 2019-20 onsets.