Volkswagen Financial Services- 23 Oct 2018

Why You Should Buy a Car During Festive Season in India

In India, festivals are not only about having a good time, but are also auspicious periods during which new ventures are started or expensive purchases are made. Property and cars often figure at the top of a buyer’s wish list. Economic prosperity notwithstanding, a car is still a big-ticket item for a majority of Indians. It’s no wonder then that the arrival of festive seasons is marked by offers and discounts. Depending on the car manufacturer and the model, festive season discounts offer lucrative deals and offers for the buyer, however, is car purchase during the festive discount season really worth it?

Depending on the buyer’s financial perspective, each discount scheme or offer must be evaluated considering all other options before taking a final decision. Here are a few you need to keep an eye out for:

Festive Discounts

India as a country celebrates festivals in every small way possible. Car manufacturers and dealers are not far behind when it comes to celebrating festivals by offering discounts and offers during festival season. In addition to reduced price of car, they also give freebies, accessories and other offers which can be availed during the festive season. Hence it might be a good idea to wait for festive discounts when you think of buying a car.

Launch of New Models

Considering how Navratri, Dusshera and Diwali are considered auspicious for big ticket purchases, many car manufacturers launch new car models and variants before or during the festive season. If you are keen on the new model or variant you wish to purchase, it is a good idea to wait till the festive season and avail of the benefits that the festive season is bound to offer!

Finance Deals and Offers

With the festival season upon us, many banks start offering the best deals to catch the eye. Processing fee waiver, EMI waiver and special interest rates are offered to entice the aspiring borrowers. Not only banks, but NBFCs too jump on the festive season bandwagon and offer various deals and offers like special and minimal cost insurance options to prospective customers. This makes car buying during the festive season a lucrative deal.

However, it is important to understand the impact of these deals on your savings. Ask yourself how much savings will a fee waiver provide? Or should you rather opt for a special interest deal that gives an advantage in the long run? Unlike other discount schemes, buying a car with a festive discount offer should not be taken at face value.

When looking for a deal, for a planned purchase, do not limit yourselves to one bank only. Do your research well and you have chances of finding some incredibly lucrative insurance, warranty and interest deals coupled with festive season benefits from car finance companies like Volkswagen Financial Services.