Volkswagen Financial Services- 21 Aug 2018

What is Roadside Assistance and why you need it

Consider a scenario; you embark on a family outing in your car. In a matter of few minutes, it starts raining pretty heavily. We all know how difficult it is to drive in the rain. To make matters worse, your car breaks down. With your rudimentary knowledge of cars, it’s a mammoth task to fix your car on your own in the rain. So basically, you are stranded in the downpour.

In such a desperate situation Roadside Assistance can be the savior.

What is Roadside Assistance?

It is a breakdown coverage service which provides assistance to car owners in case their car goes through a mechanical failure or accident. The car owners can simply call their service providers in case of a crash or any malfunction and their service providers will come to their rescue and fix the car for them. This service is provided by major car manufacturers, car insurance companies or stand-alone service providers.

What to look for in Roadside Assistance?

Here are some pertinent questions to ask when shopping for Roadside Assistance:

  • Is this Roadside Assistance available 24/7?
  • How do I contact Roadside Assistance when I need help?
  • Is a technical advice hotline included in the service?
  • What are the geographical limitations of my Roadside Assistance? For example, does it apply across states as well?
  • What financial limits apply to the different benefits/services offered?

Alongside fixing your car, Roadside Assistance can include additional features such as towing assistance, battery jump-start, organising a taxi, emergency message relay to your family and friends, etc. All you have to do is avail this service is to call your service provider.

Roadside Assistance is of utmost importance in India, considering the dismal road conditions, untrained and aggressive drivers, and the high probability of water logging in the monsoons. Such a service provides peace of mind because it can save you money, time and hassle when you get into trouble on the road.