Volkswagen Financial Services- 21 Jun 2018

An Audi: Driving you to a Win-Win situation.

The present or the future: in either case you will be in the driver’s seat. While, in the present, the Audi lets you lord over the roads very comfortably; it can help you stay on top of the future too. Own the future with the amazing benefits offered by Audi Choice.

Audi Choice, a sensible investment.

The Audi is acknowledged to assure a great driving experience. The Audi Choice programme offers assurance of an equally important kind. It is a financial solution, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of Audi drivers – by providing assurance around an Audi’s future value and packaging it with flexible finance products to help you navigate through easily.

Assured Future Value: A milestone on the road of owning a future of your choice

The Audi Choice Program comes with an Assured Future Value. Under the Audi Choice Program, a buyer gets the option to return their vehicle to Audi Financial Services at the end of the term, and Audi Financial Services will purchase it at a previously agreed price known as the Assured Future Value.

The Assured Future Value of an Audi is established at the beginning of the contract term, depending on the model and specifications of the Audi.

With Audi Choice, you know which roads lead where. Truly Future Perfect!

An Audi is an investment. In quality as well as in assets! Unlike other regular investments, you can enjoy peace of mind here - knowing in advance the value receivable on the vehicle at the end of the term of your contract. At the end of your term, you can protect your investment in quality and opt to:

Upgrade - Trade your Audi for a new vehicle. Simply return it to the dealership. If your Audi's current value is higher than the Assured Future Value, then you can use this equity towards your new vehicle.

Retain - Prefer to keep your Audi? Just purchase it outright for the Assured Future Value price locked in at the start of the contract.

Return - Simply return the vehicle to the Audi dealer at the end of the term. If the vehicle fulfils the agreed requirements, you’ll receive the full Assured Future Value amount.

Audi Choice – keeping your best interests at heart

Audi Choice Program is a financial solution under the aegis of refinancing. We all seek to reduce the expenses associated with car loans. Refinancing a car is one of the more practical and efficient ways to cut down the cost of owning a car and reducing the expenses associated with a car loan. It involves transferring the car’s official ownership from one creditor to another.

Refinancing saves money on the loan term, helps get more money on the next loan, gets a loan at a better interest rate, extends the term of the loan, and gains immediate liquidity, if required. Last, but not the least, the entire process is faster than applying and getting mortgage financing.

Enjoy the power of choice. With the future value of your Audi established at the beginning of the contract, you can be confident about your future commitments, while enjoying a competitive EMI. Now, aren’t these win-win situations?