Volkswagen Financial Services- 14 May 2018

What The IPL Can Teach You About Car Loans.

The 2018 edition of the IPL hit TV screens around the country in April, and since then there is barely anything else that people can talk about. 8 amazing teams from around the country began the battle with a desire to lay their hands on the grand prize that is the IPL trophy and the bragging rights that come with winning the biggest T20 bonanza in the world.

The excitement, however, began way before 7th April, when the first match was played. The IPL auctions were also as hotly contested as some of the matches promise to be. Each team came to the bidding war armed with an array of statistics and backup plans. The sheer amount of research and analysis that had gone into it made for delightful viewing, keeping spectators on tenterhooks till the last bid was in.

IPL offers various learning for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and the car finance market is not exempt from it. Here is some stellar learning that you can imbibe from IPL, and apply to your hunt for the perfect car loan:

Timing is Key

Time your shot right and even the trickiest of spins will be redirected towards the stands for a six. However, if your timing is just slightly off, then chances are the stumps will be rearranged or a fielder will pouch an easy catch. The same holds for car loans. You need to time the start of your loan correctly. Make sure that you have enough cash to make the down payment while keeping you solvent enough to manage at least a few instalments without feeling it. Opting for finance without a set plan is not advisable. Time it right and wait for the right car finance product for your needs before you rush in.


This is a lesson to be learnt from the erstwhile Rajasthan team and even the current Chennai as well. In the inaugural year, the RRs had a team of untried youngsters and nobody gave them an outside chance of winning the IPL, and yet they succeeded. The combination often makes much difference than the individual offerings in it. CSK today has a team that has been widely ridiculed as a team of senior citizens (by cricketing standards) yet remain one of the strongest teams in the tournament and deliver consistently. Understand your resources carefully and optimise them in a way that they work for you. Do not go for a financing option that causes you long term losses for short term gains.

Get the Pieces to Fit

Many were surprised at the Chennai team. Questions were raised if this was the right combination and if the team had a few too many spinners for its own good. But it does seem like the CSK think-tank got it right. The sheer number of home matches brought into play the spinners because of the conduciveness of the pitch. Moreover, their spinners have been very effective in away games too, keeping in mind that most pitches in India favour spin. When you are going for a car loan, make sure that you keep in mind all the factors that it affects. Setting up an ambitious payment plan only to falter a few months into it is not a sign of good planning. The best way to finish a puzzle is to begin by identifying all the pieces that go into making it.

The IPL throws up some amazing learning on life. Be it making the most of the opportunities you are offered or taking calculated risks so as to get things done; with the right perspective you can learn a lot from the IPL.