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Ducati Financial Services – Changing the Face of Bike Finance

The superbike market in India has seen a significant growth over the last couple of years. Just three years back in 2015, this market was growing at 50%, and these figures have only grown since. The understanding that each bike is not just a vehicle, but a lifestyle choice, has seeped into the Indian mentality. More and more people today are looking at flexible financing options to buy the bike of their dreams.

Enter Ducati Financial Services.

Ducati, in partnership with Volkswagen Finance Private Limited has launched Ducati Financial Services. The company offers Ducati customers personalized financing solutions through dealers across India.

Ducati is a name known around the world for the quality of its expertly engineered machines. The company has become a landmark in terms of its design aesthetic. And, Ducati Financial Services will help prospective bike owners finally buy their bike.

Ducati Financial Services provide services in line with the legendary name of the brand itself. The idea is to provide customers with top-shelf services right from day one. Ducati Financial Services makes it a priority to inform its customers about all aspect of the deals on offer, so that when the time comes for the first payment, they are prepared and ready to ride with no baggage holding them back.

The best part about financing your bike with Ducati Financial Services is that you can get competitive interest rates, as well as flexible terms and options. This allows you to finance your Ducati in a way that is conducive to your lifestyle. Moreover, you can also include accessories, parts, merchandise and clothing into the Ducati Ever Red protection. Easy payment options are also available and so are electronic payments, where monthly withdrawals are made from your account and you even have the option of making a one-time payment.

Here are the financing options you have available to you under Ducati Financial Services:

Traditional Financing

A wide range of financing options is available on new and used Ducati Motorcycles. These services can be availed of on flexible terms and bespoke financial products to suit the buyer’s specific situation and requirements.

Ducati Premier Financing

This particular option offers a unique combination to a prospective Ducati owner, offering perks of ownership and leasing. Ducati Premier Financing offers lower monthly payments than the traditional Ducati Financing, making it easier than ever for you to own a Ducati. Low monthly payments & no mileage restrictions are just a couple of benefits you can make the most of. You can establish your term contract to range from 24 to 48 months. The entire financing amount is not spread over the monthly term option. In fact, some remaining balance will be due in a lump sum at the end of the contract. If the total financed amount is paid off, you can sell your Ducati at any point in time. This product is only available on new Ducati Motorcycles.

There are a number of payment options that you can avail of at Ducati Financial Services:

Electronic Payments

Forget the hassle of remembering monthly payments. Electronic payments make sure your monthly instalments are always on time by deducting the required amount from your savings or current account.

Pay by Mail

You can also write your account number on your personal or official cheque and send it across to the Ducati office.

Pay by Phone

There is also the option of calling the Ducati Financial Services office and paying your monthly instalments via phone.

Protection Plans

If you love your Ducati Motorcycle, you need to treat it right. The Ducati Ever Red programme makes sure that your new Ducati stays in pristine condition for years to come. The programme comes with a comprehensive suite of protection products that keep your security and convenience in mind. Moreover, this minimizes your out-of-pocket costs greatly.

Ducati Financial Services provides a range of products to better ensure that you not only own the Ducati of your dreams but own it on your terms.