Volkswagen Financial Services- 23 Feb 2018

Forging Stronger Employee Relationships

Employees are the biggest assets that an organisation has and ensuring their welfare should be one of the organisation’s top priorities. Mr. Kirti Maheshwari, Head of Sales & Distribution, Volkswagen Financial Services, shares his insights on the importance of keeping the employees satisfied and the various initiatives and programmes for the benefit of the employee.

Various programmes and initiatives were launched with the purpose of increasing employee satisfaction and loyalty towards the brand. These initiatives are rewarding, hence the employee puts in those extra efforts to meet targets and get rewarded for his work. Recently, Volkswagen Financial Services launched the Champion’s Club for dealer sales consultants. An industry first, Champion’s Club is a point based reward programme launched in the month of August last year, where dealer sales consultants can earn points based on their performance and those points can further be redeemed for various gifts.

Volkswagen Financial Services launched a stellar programme called the ‘ACE Awards’ for their own employees. This is a special quarterly-run programme, where anyone and everyone can be nominated – right from the General Manager to new recruits. “The nomination criterion is simple – if I think someone has performed extremely well, I will nominate him for the award. Self-nomination is also an option”, explains Mr. Maheshwari. This programme is extremely motivating for employees as everyone has a fair chance of winning and getting recognition, as the winners’ photographs are showcased on the ‘Wall of Fame’, an internal initiative at Volkswagen Financial Services.

Wall of Fame also serves as a good motivator for the employees. It recognises the best team, and the top 3 individual employees of Volkswagen Financial Services, and celebrates the hard work and efforts put in by them.

Such programmes are vital in increasing employee loyalty and output, as there is increased focus, increased dedication and a will to succeed. Their hard work eventually results in the prosperity of the organisation. Such programmes are proof of Volkswagen Financial Services giving immense importance to their employees and play an important part in the overall growth of their team.