Volkswagen Financial Services- 01 Mar 2017

Do's and Don’ts When Selecting Your Car Loan

Opting for a car loan is one of the easiest ways to get the car you desire; it’s the ideal approach for getting your dream vehicle in your driveway. Ideally, a car loan must have a quick and hassle-free approval as well as documentation process, along with an adjustable tenure and low-interest rate. Here are a few key pointers to help you quickly arrange the loan amount for your car purchase:

1. Pre-approval Procedure

The process of having your loan approved by a creditor before selecting the vehicle is known as "pre-approval". This procedure can help you understand the rate, terms and amount that will be lent to you. In order to get a good amount, you must maintain a good credit history. This is the first thing to do when opting for a car loan.

2. Overdraft Option 

If you've saved money and invested it in deposits or bonds in banks, you may be eligible for an "overdraft" facility against the investment. This will enable you to pre-pay a certain amount and help you achieve a better interest rate since the interest is calculated on the effective due amount and not the entire amount. Over a long period, this option helps you save some cash. 

3. Repayment Schedule and Foreclosure Fees

Creditors follow a general guide for charging the interest rate; however, the monthly repayment schedule will vary. By paying off your debt quickly with a minimal foreclosure fee, you will pay lesser interest and save money. Do not opt for a car loan company with rigid payment policies or higher foreclosure fees, find the plan that best suits your needs.

5. Interest Rate and Payment Scheme

Don’t be blindly lured by tempting zero payment or zero down payment in the first year plans. This may initially seem attractive, but in the long run, you can be forced to pay your car loan with larger payments in a shorter span of time, or at above average interest rates. Choose a payment scheme by considering your other monthly expenditures.

6. EMI and Loan Limit 

The right loan option must have an adjustable and balanced EMI option and a suitable loan limit. Consider the various plans offered to you by the banks when making the choice. Companies often offer options such as low EMIs in the first annual term or a bulk amount to be paid towards the end of the last term, depending on your financial situation such a plan can prove ideal for you. 

7. Additional Security or Collateral 

A good loan would be one which offers reasonable interest rates and a longer loan tenure. Avoid opting for a car loan where additional security or collateral is required since this can end up being a matter for concern later, other than the car against which your loan has been granted.

8. Processing Charges and Administrative Fees

Inquire about the processing and other administrative charges. These are flexible components that amount to nearly 0.75% of your total loan amount. If a lender agrees to forego these charges, it can prove to be a beneficial incentive for a loan applicant. Many automobile services offer a low service charge.

Do not rush to procure your car loan and sign on the dotted line. Compare, judge, evaluate and only then select the best car loan. Contact automobile services such as Volkswagen Financial Services to get the car loan that’s right for you.


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