Volkswagen Financial Services- 20 Dec 2017

Volkswagen Financial Services – Staying Ahead of the Curve

It takes a lot to stay ahead of the competition, and Volkswagen Financial Services does that easily, with its innovative finance solutions. But how do they do it? The answer to this question lies with Mr. Aashish Deshpande– Head of Business Development & Marketing of Volkswagen Financial Services (Volkswagen Finance Pvt. Ltd.)

Speaking on behalf of the company, Mr. Deshpande says, “We are a captive finance company, whose sole aim is to provide the finest financial solutions to all our customers.” In retrospect, captive finance has proven to be the best choice, especially when it comes to automobiles, because the company knows its products, and they know what’s best for the consumer.

Being a captive finance company, however, is a just part of the spectrum of services and solutions Volkswagen Financial Services provides its consumers. “The value proposition that sets us apart is that we offer an array of products that are unique to the market. No other brand has been able to mirror our products. We give our customer a one-stop-solution - from insurance, to finance, to warranties and even maintenance package”, says Mr. Deshpande.

Every customer has their own financial requirement, one that needs a unique set of solutions catered to especially for them. Volkswagen Financial Services does exactly that, with its innovative purchase plans, that provide every customer the flexibility they need to repay their loan. One such innovative solution is the ‘EMI Holiday Option’, where the customer pays just INR.1 as their EMI for the first 12 months. Mr. Deshpande adds, “We are able to do this because we work in close proximity to the customers, catering especially to their needs. Unlike banks, we only specialise in auto-financing.”

When it comes to providing auto-finance, Volkswagen Financial Services extends its services to all types of clientele. Customised and structured products with unique value propositions ensure that every need is fulfilled, whether it is a corporate client or Volkswagen Group dealer. Providing further insight, Mr. Deshpande says, “Dealers are given the opportunity to optimise their earnings, if they choose to partner with Volkswagen Financial Services.” This gives the dealers a business advantage, as they can provide their customers with Volkswagen Group cars, and the power to purchase those cars with Volkswagen Financial Services, becoming a one-stop solution for all their mobility needs.

While the Indian auto-finance industry keeps evolving, Volkswagen Financial Services stays ahead of the curve, with its innovative products and financial solutions.