Volkswagen Financial Services- 11 Dec 2017

Employees First – The Golden Rule at Volkswagen Financial Services

Creating a wholesome environment not only benefits the growth of a company, but also creates well-rounded individuals, competent enough to step up and explore avenues for themselves within the company. In conversation with Mr. Rahul Prasad, Head of Human Resources at Volkswagen Finance Pvt. Ltd. (Volkswagen Financial Services) shares insight about their training, development process, rewards and recognition programme, alongside their commitment to create a nurturing work culture.

On-boarding Process

“On-boarding of employees starts a month in advance and is an important process for us. Instead of a generic induction programme, the candidates are brought up to speed about the company through a programme called FS Rapid,” says Mr. Prasad. Volkswagen Financial Services’ on-boarding process is uniquely designed for every individual and position. On-boarding for every new recruit is planned on the basis of the touch points within that position, including the HR policies, focus on the FS values of Responsibility, Courage, Trust, Enthusiasm and Commitment. This process becomes a part of the journey of an employee when they join Volkswagen Financial Services.

Training and Development

“Once an employee is on-board, the first 90 days are crucial because that is when the decision to continue kicks in,” says Mr. Prasad. After 90 days the employees and HR department engage in a one on one feedback session to discuss if they’re getting the right support about any challenges they face and so on. Even during the three month period, the doors of Volkswagen Finance HR department are open for its new employee, for any and all purposes.

Even the existing employees engage in functional training on a regular basis. Mr. Prasad states that, “Our HR department reaches out to all the employees and ask them what training and development programmes they need. They are empowered to learn, themselves.” Whether it is a ‘First Time Managers’ programme, the ‘Talent Circle’, or the ‘Leadership License’ programme, employees learn about competencies, responsibilities and what it takes to be a leader in all these programmes, focusing mainly on managerial roles. Such developmental programmes form an integral part of an employee’s growth, and the training they receive can be employed throughout their career even after their tenure with Volkswagen Financial Services ends.

Rewards and Recognition

Recognising an employee’s growth and their contribution towards a company’s success is important. Volkswagen Financial Services does exactly that with the quarterly ‘Ace Awards.’ “Ace Awards are fluidly run, where everyone can be nominated, from the General Manager to new recruits. If you feel an employee has done something credible, you can nominate them for the award,” says Mr. Prasad. The criteria for this award are based on the five core FS values. The nominees are divided into two categories, individual and team. Volkswagen Financial Services also has a ‘Hall of Fame’ within the office premises. Mr. Prasad adds, “Pictures of employees excelling in their departments are showcased in the ‘Hall of Fame.’” Such recognition initiatives give employees a sense of pride and motivates them to work harder, which in turn contributes to their growth within the organisation.

Volkswagen Financial Services strongly adheres to its core principles, especially one - ‘Living commitment to customers.’ For the HR department, the customers are no one else but the company’s employees, and they are committed to focusing on their needs and growth. A strong work culture and a conducive growth environment make Volkswagen Financial Services one of the best organisations to work at.