Volkswagen Financial Services- 23 Nov 2017

Volkswagen Financial Services aids Habitat for Humanity.

If there is one thing that Volkswagen Financial Services firmly believes in, it is giving back to society. Volkswagen Financial Services has been associated with a number of causes around the country. One of which is the nationwide movement for improving sanitation facilities. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has caught everyone’s attention and is verily touted as the need of the hour. It is an area of improvement highlighted by the Prime Minister himself and has only lately been getting the attention it deserves. In keeping with the notion of creating a cleaner nation, Volkswagen Financial Services supported a recent endeavor to improve sanitation in a government school in Bangalore. Before we get into detail about the project itself, here’s a brief introduction of Habitat for Humanity.

Who are they?

A nationwide non-profit that helps build homes and provides housing services to marginalized and low-income families, Habitat for Humanity is known for its stellar work. Established and functioning since 1983, it is one of the largest programs of its type in the Asia Pacific region. It works very intimately with several grassroots organizations to provide decent housing to those in need. The organization has, so far, helped more than 2 lakh families and 10 lakh individuals across 20 states in the country. Their vision, something that even Volkswagen Financial Services firmly believes in, is ‘A world where everyone has a decent place to live’.

Habitat for Humanity does much more than just that. Different projects entail different scopes. From housing to health to livelihood and even safety, the organization works towards a variety of different requirements with equal empathy and understanding. It was with a similar feeling that Volkswagen Financial Services embarked on a partnership with them for a recent project.

The Bangalore Sanitation Project

Habitat for Humanity had been working on building sanitation facilities for four government schools in Bangalore. As is known, proper sanitation habits are formed right from childhood, and good sanitation facilities are crucial to inculcate these habits. Volkswagen Financial Services helped Habitat for Humanity build these facilities which will go on to help over 2000 students. These students, children of daily wage workers studying in these schools, along with the learning they take back home, they will now also take back an understanding of the basics of sanitation and hygiene. 

The facilities were built over two floors. The complex was divided for use among the primary and secondary section students. Ms. Maheen Lampwala, Head Accounts, Volkswagen Finance Pvt. Ltd. attended the inauguration ceremony. Mr. Rahul Prasad, Head Human Resources, Volkswagen Finance Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Rajan Samuel, Managing Director, Habitat for Humanity India were also present at this occasion.

Volkswagen Financial Services stands firmly behind the Prime Minister’s vision of creating a cleaner India and will continue to work tirelessly to build a better and brighter future for this nation’s citizens.