Volkswagen Financial Services- 08 Nov 2017

Zealous Attitude Towards Growth - The aphorism behind the Volkswagen Group family.

A chain is as strong as its weakest link and Volkswagen Financial Services believes in strengthening its links from the core. In conversation with Mr. Rahul Prasad, the head of Human Resources at Volkswagen Finance Pvt. Ltd. (Volkswagen Financial Services) we learned about their authentic work culture and enriching environment, alongside their commitment to create a wholesome work culture.

“Creating an effective balance between an individual’s functional skills and inherent attitude is what makes the essence of the Volkswagen Financial Services’ hiring process. We believe in hiring for attitude and training for skills”, says Mr. Prasad. “Every candidate who walks into our office is treated with the same respect we would expect, whether you are a first-time applicant or candidates seeking re-entry into the organization.”

An integrative hiring process is an essential step to welcoming new professionals to the Volkswagen Financial Services family, with trainings and assessments created to cater to distinct needs. It is strongly believed that every individual is different, and it is essential to grow and utilize their individualities to the best of their abilities. Inclusive programs have been set up, which skip through the whole nuisance of an induction process, rather than delving right into a fast and fulfilling process of getting individuals on board. The senior executives too, go through an individualized assessment process, which is true to the genes of Volkswagen Finance Pvt. Ltd. as a global company.

Volkswagen Financial Services believes in creating and nurturing a wholesome environment, not only to benefit their growth as a company but to create well-rounded individuals, competent to step out and explore avenues for themselves. “Every application ends with a feedback”, says Mr. Prasad. While ambiguity prevails in the industry, we aspire to make a difference in every little way that we can by communicating an individual’s strengths and weaknesses to help them learn, grow and prosper. Feedback may be delayed if we might reconsider an application, but hired or not, there is never a candidate who goes without feedback.

Volkswagen Financial Services extend themselves into living up to every aspect of their five core values - Responsibility, Courage, Trust, Enthusiasm and Living commitment to customers. Creating an effective work-life balance, employees are granted sick leaves up to 180 days with no cover, the option to work from home, strict lights-out policies and a work environment that prides itself in “Employee Engagement”. An open HR department which is accessible to everyone without appointment makes the department as good as a one stop shop; where practices are based on creating policies and programs which employees believe are essential for their promotion and development. Employees are encouraged to be forthcoming in making suggestions, and create their own individual space within the framework of the organization. The FUNdamentalists of the company come together to create team building experiences, encouraging talent and entertainment in the doldrums of a monotonous work culture. While the quarterly ACE Awards uplift employees through open nomination.

A step ahead into fulfilling their corporate social responsibility, Volkswagen Financial Services ventures into the arena of community building with a focus on reinforcing the importance of social development alongside personal growth.

The policy comes as a subtle reminder that a company of global stature can make its mark by delving into the fundamentals of building personal relations to strengthen their foundation and magnify their philosophies, helping them grow into a company to reckon with.