Volkswagen Financial Services- 25 Oct 2017

Changing Dynamics of the Automobile Industry & How To Financially Leverage It

The Indian automobile market is growing leaps & bounds and it is no secret that the coming years will prove to be any less illustrious for the relevant companies. But newspapers and online blogs can only give so much insight so we decided to approach Mr. Aashish Deshpande – Head of Business Development & Marketing of Volkswagen Finance Pvt. Ltd. (Volkswagen Financial Services) to give us a lowdown on the potential of the domestic market and how Volkswagen Financial Services is bringing up unique and innovative solutions to enable customers to buy their favourite Volkswagen vehicle without burning a hole in their pocket.

Mr. Deshpande initiated the conversation by clarifying that, “Indian customers can be quite tricky to market to”. We do not hesitate to ask for the best of services at an economical price because, well, why not? Post demonetization saw a surplus of cash in banks which they would now like to invest in several industries and aggressively pursuing this path for the automobile venture, cutting the dealings with middle men and countering over a more profitable transaction.

However, Volkswagen Financial Services breezes through these circumstances and offers an array of eye-popping financial plans which appeal to the customers, their financial circumstances and their needs. Imagine getting an Audi A4 for INR.30,000 per month (approx.) and upgrading to an Audi A6 for the same EMI! Aashish brings us out of our Audi daze and says that with the correct financial partner, it is not a distant dream. Tailor made insurance services, 12 months EMI holiday and end-to-end financial plans are some of the distinct services Volkswagen Financial Services provides.

Unlike banks, we can breathe a sigh of relief with this suave financial planner while we nurture the economical Indian within us. Such a smooth deal is always welcome!