Volkswagen Financial Services- 25 Sep 2017

A Step Towards a Better Tomorrow

Volkswagen Financial Services has always made an effort to create a better world, a balanced society, and a cleaner environment for the coming generations. Over the years there have been a number of CSR projects that we have been associated with. These projects, over the last couple of years, have been spread over two predominant avenues of service:

1. Community Development

2. Education

All the work undertaken by us is done voluntarily by our many employees in an effort to create a better world.

Education forms the cornerstone of a child’s future, for it is this learning that will help them carve a path towards a brighter future. Communities supporting this ideal are growing, but many still face a dearth of basic funds, often leading to a lack of amenities for the children associated with them. This is something that we have been actively working to rectify in conjunction with some highly reputed organisations.

Volkswagen Financial Services has been associated with many CSR initiatives, of which two such initiatives are highlighted below:

SOS – Children’s Villages

This amazing organisation works on the premise that every child needs a family to love and nurture him or her. It is through the love of a family that a child can heal and have the warmth that can help them be all that they can be. SOS Children’s Villages works on a cohesive family based care system. A family, in this system, consists of 10 children and a staff member. This staff member acts as a mother to the whole family. The family lives together as a complete& happy unit, with every child’s opinion being heard and acknowledged as an equal member.

One village consists of almost ten to fifteen families. We have partnered with this organisation to fund the expenses of some of these families. We, along with the community, have been active in three cities over the years and have done some amazing work so far.

One of the oldest SOS villages in India, the Faridabad village, consists of 15 families. We have adopted a family in this village. The Alibaug SOS villages have 10 families and 2 have been adopted in this area. The Latur SOS village has one family that is provide for. Just last year, Rs.48 lakh worth of support was provided to SOS, enabling them to support a number of families and aid the children in their endeavour for a better life.

Avanti Fellows

The core organisation that helps build the curriculum for IIT JEE, Avanti Fellows works closely with Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya (JNV). A school dedicated to catering to underprivileged families, JNV was started by the late Rajiv Gandhi and is run by the Central Government. A CBSE board school, it provides admission on the basis of an entrance test and provides education from the 6th to 12th standard.

Three centers of Avanti at Vardha, Gondhia and Budhana are funded by us. The support extended to Avanti is only set to increase. From 2017-18 onwards, aid to four schools in Orissa will be extended. Education is the right of every child, the support we provide to Avanti is our endeavour to give access to this fundamental right to every child.

The Volkswagen Financial Services family is proud to have played a part in helping SOS Children’s Villages and Avanti Fellows in their respective initiatives. For we believe that their initiatives can bring about a significant change in the life of every child they support and every step taken in the present can be a leap towards a better future.