Volkswagen Financial Services- 20 Sep 2017

Buying a Car in India - A Familial Decision

Those living with a young family, or even a joint family, would know that there are no stand-alone decisions here. This is especially true in case of big ticket purchases like cars. The reason is simple, the factors to be considered when buying a car only get compounded when thinking as a family unit.  

Car manufacturers have understood that Indians tend to purchase a car as a family rather than making unilateral decisions. A Nielsen report states that 33% of car buyers consult their families before making their final decision. Women car buyers are more likely to consult their spouses and family before choosing a car as compared to men, 48% of women versus 24% of men.

Here are some reasons why buying a car for Indians is almost always a family affair:

Space Consideration

The biggest influencing factor in buying a car is the space it provides. Small, nuclear families are often more than happy investing in affordable hatchbacks. These cars, while loaded with ample safety features, are also easy on the pocket. Those with a larger family unit often choose to go for bigger cars. Minivans, SUVs or even luxury cars seem ideally suited for families that have more than 4 members. Space consideration is one of the top priorities for first time car buyers.

Everyone’s Opinion Counts

Joint families often have a very elaborate decision making process. Everyone from the grandparents to grandkids have an opinion on what car would best suit the family. This takes the decision out of the buyer’s hand and opens it up to the whole family to chip in with their advice. While this may seem like a chaotic process to buy a car, it is probably the best way to ensure everyone in the family is happy when the car finally comes home.


Safety features are right up there when buying a car that will be used for the family. A car that is to be used by the entire family needs to be loaded with these. Well-designed, spacious mini-vans, SUVs and other luxury cars will always be preferred over swanky sports cars and coupes. Rearview cameras and well-placed airbags are just a few of the safety features that are preferred by families.

Fuel Efficiency

The first question asked by everyone in the family, except maybe the children, is ‘what’s the average?’ A common consideration for most car buyers in the country, fuel efficiency becomes all the more important when considering the car as a family vehicle. Manufacturers have understood the importance of fuel efficiency in cars marketed to the family segment. Often diesel driven vehicles find preference over petrol when it comes to this factor.

Buying a car is more than just a personal decision in India. It affects the family in every way, in terms of mobility, appearances, safety and most importantly, financially. Cars are a substantial investment, and it is crucial to find the right means to support this expenditure. Volkswagen Financial Services provides you complete information and support when it comes to choosing and buying the best car for your family. Because after all, a family car is a family choice.