Volkswagen Financial Services- 10 Aug 2017

Volkswagen Gears up for the Future – Smart Cars

Volkswagen has always believed that cars need to get smarter in order to get better. For this purpose, they have been leading the charge in creating some of the most revolutionary Smart Car Technology. It has been years that the company has been researching and even adapting some of this technology to the cars on road today.

What are Smart Cars ?

There are a number of definitions for smart cars out there. In fact, when you look at it, cars have been steadily getting smarter all our lives. Microprocessors were first used in cars back in the 1960’s and that technology back then was as smart as smart got. Today, however, we know better. Self-driven or driverless cars are now the holy grail of smart cars. Smart cars can basically offer you all the amenities and connectedness of your home or office when on the go. There are a number of ways that cars are getting smarter, the most important of which is in terms of safety. Cars today have become much smarter about keeping their drivers safe.

Volkswagen and Smart Cars

Back in 2015, Volkswagen’s special edition Golf R Touch showcased a unique add-on. The car was fitted with proximity sensors and gesture based controls which allowed the driver to control the car with movements itself. This meant that the driver need not take their eyes off the road. The gestures were easily interpreted and there was hardly any lag. While just an experiment, it was in no way a one-off thing. Smart car technology is something Volkswagen is deeply invested in.

In recent reports, Volkswagen has announced that they will start fitting all their cars with pWLAN devices from 2019. These Public Wireless Area Network devices will allow cars to communicate with each other on the road. This would effectively increase the car to have a broader vision and helping the drivers know what is at the turn without having reached it. This technology will help drivers understand the situation on the road and avoid any hassles or bottle-necks on their drive.

Just last year itself, Volkswagen and LG announced their deal to create a next-gen platform that connected cars. This system would use cloud computing so as to give the drivers control over their home from their cars itself. There are some really huge changes on the horizon for the car industry, and the biggest of which is this - the smart car movement.