Volkswagen Financial Services- 17 Jul 2017

Perks of buying a luxury car

Every one of us, at a certain point of time, has dreamt of cruising off into the sunset in a fine crafted automobile. The sound of a well-tuned engine and the sheer opulence of a luxury car is something that is aspirational across the board. Brilliant engineering, combined with some of the finest technology out there, and loaded with comfort and amenities, luxury cars are certainly a luxury.

There are several reasons people buy luxury cars. Some are simply in love with the superior quality of vehicles they are driving, while some are only concerned with the fact that they are seen driving one. For some, a luxury car is an emotional investment, while for some it has a financial motivation.

While the car markets may be flux with abundance of cars to choose from. Here are few reasons why you should opt for a luxury car.

More Safety

Modern luxury cars are some of the safest vehicles on the road. Stacked with some of the best features for driver and passenger safety, they give you the best chance of survival in unforeseen circumstances. From cameras to stability control systems and curtain air-bags to anti-lock brake systems, there are a number of features that make a luxury car safe for the road. These are the most premium machines on the road and they come with a standard of safety that is top of the line.


Let’s face it, buying a luxury car is a fairly big investment, and like all investments, one must consider the returns it offers. Apart from the superior functionality and safety, there is one major reason for investing in a luxury car. Premium cars get some of the best resale value in the business, far more than cars in the mid and low segments. Also, buying a luxury car can also be a very healthy tax write-off, the sale of which could still net you a fair return.


While the notion of the eccentric rich is romantic enough, there is hardly any style in stepping out of a beat up old car when you could be making head turns with something a lot trendier. Luxury cars bring with them a great deal of prestige. From the best spot in the parking lot to careful attention by the valet, these cars bring with them a few unsaid little rewards. Of course, the looks that you will draw while driving one are quite flattering by themselves.

Potential Customization

Premium cars often come with the deal of customizing the car for the owner. Maybe, the SUV you’ve just bought needs flat-bed and mounted fog-lights, along with monogrammed upholstery, a premium car will provide you that. Customization of premium cars is a segment, and is preferred by many car aficionados. It not only lends certain uniqueness to the vehicle, but also helps amp up its performance.

Premium cars come decked out with state-of-the-art technology, the perfect blend of style, ingenious engineering, and comfort. Investing in a luxury car is a dream among most people in the world, if you can make yours come true, go forth.