Volkswagen Financial Services- 20 Jun 2017

Volkswagen Financial Services: A 50-Year Old Legacy

Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) has a long standing history of providing the best possible financial support to those who wants to a buy a car of their choice. Volkswagen Financial Services first financed a Volkswagen vehicle over 50 years ago. Since then, the company has only been growing in terms of the number of services and products on offer.

Incorporated in 2009, with its HQ based out of Mumbai, Volkswagen Finance Private Limited is jointly owned by Volkswagen Financial Services AG, Germany, and Volkswagen Finance Overseas BV, Netherlands. Volkswagen Financial Services is a 100% owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG and coordinates the worldwide financial activities of the VW Group.

The company believes in offering new-age financing options and products that best suit the customers. Innovation is key at Volkswagen Financial Services and is highlighted by the sheer transparency and hassle-free approach to car financing. VWFS provides its finance and insurance services to customers across the world. The group includes some of the best known automotive brands in the world including Audi, Skoda, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini, Man, Scania etc. over and above Volkswagen.

The priority for VWFS is to provide a seamless financing experience for everyone hoping to buy a car. Here are the salient features of Volkswagen Financial Services:


Car loans can be tricky, time consuming and often difficult to manage. At VWFS, we provide clients flexible payment options & hassle-free loan application process. Our priority is to provide the smoothest possible service to help our clients be more mobile.


Timeliness is crucial to managing car loans. At VWFS, we do not waste our clients’ time and provide them with the best possible financing option within the least amount of time. Our online application also helps you access financing options digitally, saving greatly on your time.


Car financing can often be riddled with jargon that can seem more than a little confusing. At VWFS, all information regarding your financing option is provided to you clearly. The online account management option also helps in making things easier for clients.


VWFS has decades of experience helping people finance the car of their choice.


There is an unshakeable commitment to providing clients the best possible financing option.