Volkswagen Financial Services- 01 Mar 2017

How To Lower Your Car EMI

Buying a brand-new car is a big expense. It is essential to carefully organize your finances before you make such a significant investment. Making use of various payment options can help ease the process. EMI payments help break down the total sum and spread the funds over a long term. 

While you may consider taking loans with your personal bank and negotiate for lower rates, it is essential to compare the multitude of options offered by banks, financiers and in-house financial services. Choosing a financial service that is customized to your personal lifestyle can help you make the most of your financing and insurance needs. 

It may seem rather complicated, but the reality is that paying EMIs for a car purchase is a simple process that can help you get the car you desire. Now to lower your EMI, the following points should be considered:

• Selecting a smart tenure: Shorter durations to repay your loan simply mean lower interest rates. While a shorter duration might incur larger EMIs, the lower interest rates help to keep a check on your interest outflow. This, in comparison to higher interest rates set for longer periods, is surely the smarter option.

• Appropriate Interest Rates: Comparing numerous financial services, evaluating the options they have on offer and selecting what is most suitable is important. A comprehensive deal with lower interest rates and add-on services helps the customers build stronger relations with financial services and ensures peace of mind.

• Choosing the type of EMI: With a host of EMI options present, it is essential that you pick the ideal plan to suit your needs. Multiple repayment schemes exist that are made to suit all types of buyers. A few of these include: Regular EMIs, Step-up EMIs (gradually increasing payments), Step-down EMIs (gradually decreasing payments) and Balloon EMIs (lump-sum payment of a principal amount at the end of your tenure). 

• Special partnership: Taking aid of financial services can help score a better price on your loan options. Various promotional schemes and offers can help one get a lower EMI scheme and also opt for a better loan payment option.

Numerous offers and catchy schemes might steal your attention, but it is important to pick the one that suits your best interests. Making the right choice after considering all the options you would always be beneficial, with lower EMIs and a sound long-term investment. Approach all schemes with adequate information about your purchase plans and methods of payment, and be crystal clear in discussing discrepancies such as processing fees to avoid unwanted surprises.

At Volkswagen Financial Services, our aim is to simplify the procedure of purchasing a Volkswagen vehicle. We believe in offering the finest deals to our customers and providing a smooth purchase process.

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